Process Management

If an organisation is to thrive and survive in today's economic environment, you need a way to quickly sense and respond to internal and external influences. The Prognostixs Process Management solution enables you to use business process rules to rapidly respond to discovered relationships between data, exceptions and performance. PPM allows business process automation and the organisation to effect change and manage exception cases.

The first problem with exception management in today's distributed, interconnected applications is finding where and what the processing problem is. Consider this: a call center representative enters an order, which, in turn, triggers a message across multiple different applications. If one of these applications requires some data that is missing, it can't process the order, and the order is dropped.

Assuring business transactions process successfully is vital. To fix the problem, first you have to find its source. Yet distributed, interconnected applications execute over heterogeneous systems, often located in different places and owned by different groups. Once you find where the processing failure occurs, how do you know if the issue is a system, application, or data problem?

Prognostixs Process Management offers a solution for managing exceptions in distributed, interconnected applications and enables users to accomplish faster, accurate exception management, providing tools to help detect, diagnose, and resolve system, application, data and business process problems quickly.

Prognostixs Process Management provides transaction monitoring and policy-based alerting with end-to-end visibility, across distributed applications. When an action is triggered, the user can perform root-cause analysis, drill down, inter-system analytics and root cause identification timeously and efficiently.

Prognostixs Process Management  is ideal for identifying, tracking, and distributing exceptions across large and diverse groups of users. The product is configurable through the user interface and can be setup to identify or receive any number of different exception types with minimal time, effort, and no development.